Women Kicking Glass

Women Kicking Glass with Diane Peabody Straw of the Women’s Museum of California

May 24, 2017

Did you know there is a wonderful Women’s Museum of California???? Listen to this week’s edition of Women Kicking Glass Radio with the awesome Diane Peabody Straw who is the Executive Director of the Women’s Museum of California in beautiful San Diego. You need to put this on your “things to do list” when you come to beautiful, sunny San Diego.

The museum has an amazing standing exhibit which shows the history of women in California including some of the women who helped women get the right to vote and who fought for our rights. They host events such as their big annual fund rising Wine, Cheese and Chocolate event in Oct.  

They have an awesome woman’s international film festival which I attended this year. I had the opportunity to view some incredible short films by women directors. We all laughed, cried and were inspired by these films. You need to plan to attend next year ... you'll be inspired!

The Museum hosts events each month and has new exhibits like their current exhibit on the history of women’s purses. Did you know women’s purses had a history and used to be very small since women could not own property? How did women go from only needing a purse small enough to hold a key to the giant bags we all carry now?

Check out the Women’s Museum of California the next time you are in San Diego, support their events and donate to help keep women’s impact on history alive. Go to http://womensmuseumca.org to check out the event and plan to attend. You can visit the Women’s Museum of California in San Diego at 2730 Historic Decatur Road, Barracks 16 92106 San Diego, CA California