What an amazing show with Shauna Fleming who founded A Million Thanks at 15

July 5, 2017

This is an incredible inspiring story of a young woman who started Kicking Glass at age 15.  Shauna Fleming founded "A Million Thanks" at age 15 to support our women and men who are serving or served our country. 

Shauna reached her initial goal in just six months and presented the one-millionth letter to President Bush in the Oval Office of the White House. Now, 13 years later, the organization has expanded to three missions: sending thank you letters to active duty military, granting wishes to injured veterans, and providing higher education scholarships to children of fallen military.

A Million Thanks has taken Shauna across the United States, speaking to groups about “The Power of One”. She published a book chronicling her journey to the White House, to becoming a Department of Defense spokesperson, to partnering with General Motors, Southwest Airlines, and actors like Gary Sinise and Jessica Simpson, and to being interviewed by various media more than 300 times.

You can help in three ways - gp to http://www.amillionthanks.org/ to learn more

1) Send a letter to an active member of the service

2) Grant a wish for a veteran

3) Donate a scholorship for a child of a member of the military


The Millionaire Mystique for Women and Overcoming Adversity with Jude Miller Burke

June 28, 2017

Join us this week for an interesting interview with national speaker and leadership coach Jude Miller Burke.  Jude has two books, The Millionaire Mystique  (2014) & recently released The Adversity Advantage: Turn Your Childhood Hardship Into Career and Life Success.

Jude shares the secrets she discoverd while interviewing top women leaders in their fields on the success strategies and becoming a millionaire in the process.  She discovered many of these highly successful women and men faced their share of adversity on their way to the top. 


Listen .. Learn ... Lead


Leadership Hollywood Style with Esther Weinberg

June 24, 2017

Listen to this week's show and meet Leadership Expert, Esther Weinberg, Media Industry Insider with Insights.  Esther Weinberg is a leadership expert and a media veteran with a 20-year track record in the industry.  

Esther shares her secrets to move from being a rising star to being a rock star.  We also discuss how to a mega-star to get noticed and get promoted. 

She creates breakthrough strategies for Microsoft, Discovery Communications, NBCUniversal,  Studio71, Turner, Warner Bros., CNN and Disney ABC Television Group. Based on her 20-year track record in media industry, she is finishing her book entitled “Leadership Hollywood Style”  with her co-author, in which they share how to produce, direct and create star performers. 





Must listen recording with Dr. Sandra Morgan on human trafficking

June 17, 2017

Did you know human trafficking is the # 1 crime in the US (drug trafficking is # 1. This is a must watch interview with Dr. Sandra Morgan on Vanguard University on human trafficking. This horrible crime is happening across the US and probably in your community.

You can help in three ways:

  1. Study the issue
  2. Be a voice (for the ones who have no voice)
  3. Make a difference

You can also watch the U Tube Video @ https://youtu.be/b0eyzkrwyF4 via @YouTube

You can be the one!!!


Amazing and fun interview w/ Shannon Colleary - Moving from Toxic Love to Real Love

June 7, 2017

Join us for this fun and insightful interview with Shannon Colleary who a dating and relationship coach helping clients move from toxic love to real love. Her new book, "She Dated the #Asshats, but Married the Good Guy: How to Go From Toxic Love to Real Love in 12 Exercises" is available now at Amazon.

Colleary is an author, sexpert, and Relationship/Dating Coach who lives in Los Angeles with her screenwriter husband and two daughters. She began in Los Angeles as a Wacktress (waiter/actress), starring most notably in music videos with Slash and Babyface (when he was a baby). She also did a classic turn in a cereal commercial where she talked to a parrot who thought her hair was his nest.

Colleary spent 10 years in two long-term relationships where she volunteered for unwarranted criticism, inconsistency, lack of commitment and infidelity with Mister Cruelly Handsome and The Greek God before finally turning it around and becoming a self-described Recovery Road Warrior. Then she became a blissfully married, pregnant playwright and screenwriter working, for Warner Brothers, Lifetime Television, TBS and Disney. (She quit her waitressing job after selling her first screenplay to Warner Brothers for six figures

Ultimately, Colleary evolved into a memoirist and blogger. Since then, she has been syndicated by “O” The Oprah Magazine, The Huffington Post, Medium, Purple Clover, London’s Daily MailOnline, BlogHer and more, and her work has been featured on The Today Show, NPR, CNN and HuffPo Live. Colleary’s three well-reviewed memoirs are Married Sex: Fact and Fiction, Smash, Crash and Burn: Tales from the Edge of Celebrity, and Into the Child, which received a Kirkus star.


Great show with Leisa Peterson who helps women fall in love with money

June 2, 2017

Leisa Peterson is a life coach who helps conscious entrepreneurs fall in love with money.  She combines her skills of being a long-time entrepreneur and self-made millionaire with over 20 years of working in personal finance. Then mixes in mindfulness practices, Emotional Freedom Techniques, past life regression and other healing modalities to help clients reconnect to true selves and remove their limiting beliefs around money.

Leisa is passionate about exposing the fallacy of lack in our culture while encouraging the pursuit of finding one’s own natural state of abundance.  You can connect with Leisa at leisapeterson.com or wealthclinic.com


Women Kicking Glass with Diane Peabody Straw of the Women’s Museum of California

May 24, 2017

Did you know there is a wonderful Women’s Museum of California???? Listen to this week’s edition of Women Kicking Glass Radio with the awesome Diane Peabody Straw who is the Executive Director of the Women’s Museum of California in beautiful San Diego. You need to put this on your “things to do list” when you come to beautiful, sunny San Diego.

The museum has an amazing standing exhibit which shows the history of women in California including some of the women who helped women get the right to vote and who fought for our rights. They host events such as their big annual fund rising Wine, Cheese and Chocolate event in Oct.  

They have an awesome woman’s international film festival which I attended this year. I had the opportunity to view some incredible short films by women directors. We all laughed, cried and were inspired by these films. You need to plan to attend next year ... you'll be inspired!

The Museum hosts events each month and has new exhibits like their current exhibit on the history of women’s purses. Did you know women’s purses had a history and used to be very small since women could not own property? How did women go from only needing a purse small enough to hold a key to the giant bags we all carry now?

Check out the Women’s Museum of California the next time you are in San Diego, support their events and donate to help keep women’s impact on history alive. Go to http://womensmuseumca.org to check out the event and plan to attend. You can visit the Women’s Museum of California in San Diego at 2730 Historic Decatur Road, Barracks 16 92106 San Diego, CA California


Great interview with Laura Steward Author of What Would a Wise Women Do - Listen .. Learn … Lead

May 19, 2017

In this week’s edition of Women Kicking Glass on OC Talk Radio, Laura Steward joins us to share her unique insights about her new role as caregiver for her mother. Laura is the author of the bestselling book, What Would a Wise Women Do – The Questions to Ask Along the Way. She is a business strategist and ran a very successful multi-state IT company.

Even with all of Laura’s success as a business women, none of her success in business prepared her for the role of full time caregiver for her mother. Laura openly discusses the challenges of balancing care giving with trying to balance running her consulting and speaking business with her personal needs.

Listen to this incredible since all of us will be faced with caring for an elderly parent or relative. Laura’s insights about the questions to ask along the way are invaluable.


Listen to this Women Kicking Glass interview with the super star Michelle Bergquist discusses “what women do to sabotage their careers” Listen .. Learn … Lead

May 13, 2017

Michelle Bergquist is a nationally recognized author, award-winning entrepreneur, lively moderator and engaging, professional speaker.  Michelle's research into what women do to sabotage their careers according to men is insightful and enlightening.  Did you know the #1 thing men say women do to sabotage their careers?  The #1 thing men said is women need to stop competing with each and start supporting other women. 

Currently, Michelle is the CEO and Co-Founder of Connected Women of Influence, a professional association of women leading people, projects, teams and companies.

Michelle is also Co-Founder of SUE Talks™. SUE Talks™ are bold, passionate talks and viewpoints, centered around business and success by successful, unstoppable, and empowering women changing the face of business.

Michelle is a passionate advocate to advance women in business, and committed to designing platforms, programs, connections and collaborative opportunities that result in more women leading people, projects, teams, and companies. In 2014, Michelle was recognized by the National Association of Women Business Owners as the Women’s Advocate of the Year. In 2015, Michelle was featured and recognized as one of the Women Who Impact San Diego by the San Diego Metro Magazine.

With a passion to ‘give back’ in business, Michelle’s philanthropic efforts have resulted in over $100,000 in contributions for local nonprofit organizations that support women and young girls.


Leadership Guru - Lolly Daskal was a fantastic guest - Lolly Daskal is one of the most sought-after executive leadership coaches in the world!

May 4, 2017

Lolly Daskal is one of the most sought-after executive leadership coaches in the world. Her extensive cross-cultural expertise spans 14 countries, six languages and hundreds of companies.

As founder and CEO of Lead From Within, Lolly's proprietary leadership program is engineered to be a catalyst for leaders who want to enhance performance and make a meaningful difference in their companies, their lives, and the world. Based on a mix of modern philosophy, science, and nearly thirty years coaching top executives, Lolly’s perspective on leadership continues to break new ground and produce exceptional results.

 Of her many awards and accolades, Lolly was designated a Top-50 Leadership and Management Expert by Inc. magazine. Her writing has appeared in HBR, Inc.com, Fast Company (Ask The Expert), Huffington Post, and Psychology Today, and others.

Lolly’s proprietary insights are the subject of her new book, The Leadership Gap: What Gets Between You and Your Greatness, and is available for pre- order